Egyptians Hilariously React to Emmanuel Macron Becoming French President

France is celebrating their newly elected president, Emmanuel Macron, who is a pro-European Union centrist. According to the French Interior Ministry, Macron won his far-right nationalist opponent Marine Le Pon with 66% of the votes.


While everyone on social media has been wondering about his much older wife and their early romance, the whole Arab world is now talking about the fact that Macron is president at just 39 years old. Arab and Middle Eastern leaders have been anything but youthful this past decade. Egyptians particularly are quite impressed by what a man can achieve at such young age compared to our sad living status in Egypt.



Check out how Egyptians reacted to France’s new president below because they just couldn’t leave it alone without cracking a joke:


Caption reads: Congratulations Macaron.


Caption reads: Macron is an undershirt brand.


Caption reads: Macron is president at 39 years old while our youth is still job hunting at 35.



Caption reads: Who cares about Macron. Zamalek just won.



Caption reads: France said yes to Macron and guys his age in Egypt are still trying to make a living.



Caption reads: I was in charge of ElBernameg show by Bassem Youssef at 20 years old, the biggest show in the Middle East, but you prefer Macron.



Caption reads: Does Macron belong to Hazemon?


Caption reads: How will Macron rule without a military background?


Caption reads: Election results: Macron: 65%, Le Pen: 35%, Void votes: 12%, Hamdeen Sabahy: 2%.


Caption reads: Congratulations on running the Élysée Palace.


Caption reads: You can become president at 39 in France, while in Egypt your mom will still be looking for a bride for you. Let’s not compare, please.



WE SAID THIS: Congratulations France on your new young ruler.