Egyptian Women’s Affairs Foundation Launches Campaign for Unified Law Against Violence

The Egyptian Women’s Affairs Foundation recently launched a crucial campaign titled “The issuance of a unified law against violence has become necessary.” This campaign comes in response to the alarming increase in violence against women in Egypt. The foundation, in collaboration with five women’s organizations dedicated to combating violence against women, proposed the Project Unified Law Against Violence. This project has gained significant support, with Nashoi Aldeb, a member of the House of Representatives, adopting it and collecting the signatures of 64 deputies and their deputies in the council. The next step is to present it to the legislative committee for discussion.

Via Gendrya

The rise in violence against women is a pressing issue that demands immediate attention. It is disheartening to witness such acts of brutality and injustice toward half of Egypt’s population. Women should not have to live in fear or endure physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. They deserve equal rights and protection under the law.

The importance of this movement cannot be overstated. By launching this campaign and proposing a unified law against violence, the Egyptian Women’s Affairs Foundation aims to address this issue comprehensively. The collaboration with various women’s organizations demonstrates unity and solidarity among those fighting for women’s rights.

This proposed law is not only important for its content but also for its potential impact on society. If implemented effectively, it will serve as a deterrent for potential perpetrators and provide justice for victims. Furthermore, it will send a strong message that violence against women will not be tolerated in Egypt.

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