Egyptian Courier Sparks Debate For Checking Packages Before Delivery For ‘Moral’ Reasons

If you come across any of the delivery courier memes and feel left out, here’s what you missed.

Long story short, a woman named Rania Sanusi ordered a dress online. A couple of days later the delivery courier called her asking for directions and requested to send him the details on WhatsApp via text, not voice note. A couple of minutes later, she received another call from the boutique owner sharing that the delivery guy had checked the purchase and needed to know where she was planning to wear the dress? Though the request was odd, she responded by saying, “At home.”

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When the courier guy arrived with her purchase he explained that he doesn’t want to deliver an order if it supports an action outside his beliefs and social norms. Sanusi appreciated his firm morals and asked her husband to take his number and full name to tweet about him for extra support. 

Little did she know that this purchase would lead to an unexpected encounter that would ignite a heated debate on privacy. 

Via Twitter

Her husband responded after the backlash online supporting his wife saying she’s more precious than all those who made fun of her.

As the discussion unfolded, it became evident that this incident struck a chord with people’s differing perspectives on privacy. It highlighted the delicate balance between personal safety and respecting boundaries in an increasingly interconnected world.

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