Egyptian Superstar Zeina Denies Attacking American Family in Dubai

Via The National

One of Egyptian Cinemas top gals, Zeina, was accused of attacked an Arab-American Family whilst in Dubai. Zeina and her sister both denied the allegations at the when recently attending the Dubai Court of Misdemeanors. The actress was adamant that neither she or her sister physically assault or insult the family; a man, his wife, and daughter, whom she claimed was filming her while she was dinning at popular hotspot Atlantis The Palm.

According to the National, the report from the criminal laboratory, submitted to the court, revealed that no videos or pictures of the actress were found on the mobile phone belonging to their daughter. Yet in persistence the actress continued to react with statements such as “I swear to God that these people are not telling the truth.” and “I am a famous actress and I would not attack anyone,” when attending court.

According to the father of the alleged incriminating daughter, the incident happened on the 29th of June last year, where he and his family were at The Gold Lounge located on the Dubai Palm. He heard someone screaming at his daughter in Arabic and then continued to describe the confrontation, where in his words “I told her that my daughter was born and raised in the US. I told her it was inappropriate to scream like that using such words, but she shifted to English and cursed all of us, accusing my daughter of filming her”.

This all resulted in a larger scene at the venue where police were then called, resulting in everyone involved being arrested, ultimately taking them to Al-Barsha Station where this was to be dealt with. Lawyers of both parties provided medical reports that their clients were assaulted and called to amend the charges.

Dubai has a zero tolerance policy for aggression and disrupting the peace, and there is no surprise that this has escalated to this level.

The actress has shared no ill words about Dubai yet remains adamant on her case!

WE SAID THIS: The verdict will come out on the 24th of January.

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