Hala Shiha Lands Lead Female Role in Mohamed Ramadan’s Upcoming Series ‘Zilzal’

Our favorite early 2000s actress is back and she is ready to make a grand Ramadan debut. Hala Shiha made headlines over a decade ago as she announced that her role in Amer Mounib’s movie ‘Kamel Elawsaf’ was her last.

Later, the actress chose a more conservative path and was spotted in Niqab while giving religious lessons. Shiha once again made headlines last year as she announced her return to cinema and television after a career hiatus of over 10 years.

Via Hala Shiha

For months, there have been speculations that her highly-anticipated return would be with Adel Imam, considering their collaborations in the past. However, the actress announced that her first role will be along side Mohamed Ramadan in the 2019 Ramadan series, ‘Zilzal’. Actors such as KHaled El-Sawy have also been added to the list of those to be featured in the anticipated series.

The Tamer Mursi production; written by Abdel Rahim Kamal and directed by Ibrahim Fakhr, is expected to break viewership ratings, considering the gaining popularity of both the producer and actor supporting actor Mohamed Ramadan do every year.

We’ve definitely missed the El-Selem Wel Te’aban actress and can’t wait to watch her bak on our screens.

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