Egyptian Students Just Built an Air-Powered Vehicle and We’re All Here For It!

By Salma Maher

Amidst Egypt suffering from one gas-price surge after the other, comes a graduation project that could seriously turn our lives around; a car that runs on air. Talk about a plot twist and a cleaner Egypt!


Students of The University of Helwan were able to build a prototype one-person vehicle with zero operational costs. All it needs to run is compressed oxygen, hallelujah! The car can allegedly hit 40 kilometers per hour and last 30 kilometers before needing to be refueled, according to the students. They also added that building it costs about EGP 18,000.

The next step for the team is raising funds to be able to mass produce the vehicle, in addition to continuing to work on it until they get it to travel 100 kilometers per hour, while also having it cross 100 kilometers before it needs another refuel.

WE SAID THIS: We have our fingers crossed for this one, it sounds like something we could all use!

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