Egyptian Authorities Apprehend Infamous “Curcumin Doctor” After Multiple Claims of Fraud

Fraudulent and fake news are no strangers to Egypt, especially after the pandemic because everything became online and now everyone has a platform to do what they may with no accountability.

But if the devil works hard, the Egyptian authorities work harder. We will all taken aback when it was announced that the Egyptian Police incarcerated the most infamous doctor in Egypt for years now, the Pharmacist Ahmed Abo El-Nasr, also known as the Curcumin Doctor. 

Who is he?

Via Alwafd

Dr. Ahmed Abo El-Nasr is a pharmacist, and even though there is not enough information about him online, his official Facebook page claims the next: “Dr. Abo El-Nasr has a degree in pharmacy; he is the first herbal doctor certified by the Egyptian Ministry of Health; he is a scientific counselor for Chinese Med Companies; and lastly, he is a member of the American Council for Herbal Medicine.

All these claims are yet to be proven or denied after further investigations from the authorities. He is known for his TV appearances and Youtube videos promoting Herbal Medicine and remedies from an unknown source. 

What happened?

On Feb. 19 Egyptian Police Forces were able to capture the Curumin Doctor at his place in Sheikh Zayed in Giza, Cairo under the charge of possessing and promoting herbal materials and medicines of unknown origin with the intent of making illegal profits.

The police also obtained several illegal matters as the charge stated previously such as  50 CDs containing various information like names of distributors, customers, and tutorial videos. Also 8045 bottles of unauthorized herbal pills. 

The police incarcerated two other men than the doctor working as customer service representatives. 

What was the response?

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The public response was entirely positive with some posting over social media that they can finally watch TV without a Curcumin ad popping every two minutes. Others were rightly relieved that his danger on society was eliminated since there was a post making rounds on Facebook claiming that the Curcumin doctor prescribed Herbal Medicine to a diabetic that passed away due to the ineffective fake medicine. So it seems that the public is grateful for the law forces strict and swift actions toward this type of collectively life-threatening fraudulence.

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