Busted! Police Raid Two Heroin Factories and a Meth Lab in Egypt

Egyptian police forces managed to raid on a heroin factory in Cairo, after less than a month of raiding on another heroin factory in Gharbeyah governorate.

The Maadi police station received a report about two individuals renting an apartment in Mokattam where they practice a criminal activity that includes manufacturing heroin for trading purposes.

Raiding on the apartment, the police forces found a large quantity of heroin powder besides five bottles of raw liquid heroin that is used to manufacture the drug powder. They also found 16 bottles of ketamine and another 20 bottles of Nalbuphine drug that are used to manufacture different kinds of hard drugs. There were 214 different pills for the purpose of illegal drug trading.

The two accused were arrested in the apartment mentioned above with a cartridge gun, drug manufacturing equipment, an amount of drug cash, and a chevy truck that the accused used to allocate their illegal products.

The Accused Confessions

The accused confessed during the investigations, of owning the confiscated items found in the crime scene with the intention to manufacture and trade illegal narcotics, the fire gun to defend their criminal activities, the drug cash that came from the illegal trading of the narcotics, and the car to facilitating their criminal activities.

On a serious note, The Narcotics Control Department reported that its police forces were able to detect an apartment that was used as a crystal meth lab, owned and run by a lab technician. The accused used the lab to manufacture crystal meth also known as ice or shabbo. The lab was in the Delta region, Manshit Al-Bakry neighborhood, greater Mahala Governorate.

The investigations proved that the 35 lab technician used to manufacture the extremely dangerous drug “crystal meth”, hash oils, and other illegal drugs with the intention to distribute them and sell them to other drug dealers within the delta governorates.

The police forces found out about the lab when the owner tried to send a package of drugs to a client through the Egyptian mail when the mail employees suspected something shady about the parcel and reported their doubts to the police who scanned the parcel and found the drugs.

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