Egyptian Actress Eman El Assy Opens Up About Her Recovery Experience From COVID-19

By Nour El-Miligi

Actress Eman El Assy was tested positive by the end of Ramadan and ever since she has been completely isolated in compliance with the treatment protocol. On Tuesday, Eman posted an 8-mins Instagram video giving full insight about how this journey was. Her video was basically a call for mercy and compassion towards all who have been infected with the virus. 

She started off talking about the day she discovered she has been infected, assuring that she immediately informed everyone she has been in contact with to take caution and do the test. From that point, she has self-isolated herself in her house with zero contact with her family, pointing out how brutal that was both for her and her daughter. “It was very painful, that I can never express in a million Instagram videos how it felt like during this period, being unable to hug or touch my daughter,” El Assy said in the video posted. It was obvious that the thing that affected her the most was not being able to see her daughter and soothe her when the little girl was terrified and breaking down being sad over her mother’s illness, saying they only had contact with one another through phone, and the call would always end up with both of them crying.

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Afterward, she carried on explaining how her health state was, saying that during infection she had symptoms including loss of smell and taste, extreme fatigue, and vomiting. But after a long journey of isolation and treatment, she had to do the coronavirus test three consecutive times, just to make sure that she has fully recovered. 

She concluded her video raising awareness by reinforcing the concept that people should be kinder to those infected with the virus as they will already be psychologically and physically in pain and to make them feel outcasted would only make the recovery process harder.  “ Recovered patients aren’t scary and it wasn’t their fault they caught the virus, deal with them as helping people who might be able to assist other corona patients, either emotionally or by donating their plasma,” Eman said assuring that she’s completely willing to donate her plasma if this would actually help.

The 34-year-old actress is now completely healthy and slowly coming back to living normally, stating that she’s no longer suffering from any of the symptoms. “I now sleep in the arms of my daughter every night, and I’m finally seeing my family again,” she added.

WE SAID THIS: We’re happy you are healthy again, Eman!

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