EgyptAir Slays Israeli Publication for Using Fake Photo for Libyan Hijacked Plane

Social media sassiness is always a pleasure to read. You just grab your popcorn and cheer your head off. A libyan aircarft was hijacked with 118 passengers on board and was forced to land in Malta. While the hijackers were threatening to blow up the aircraft, thankfully all passengers and crew members were released. No demands were made then, however while stepping out of the plane, one of the hijackers waved a green flag, suggesting loyalty to the late Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

Now what we  found extremely entertaining amidst all the terror was EgyptAir’s Twitter account. An Israeli publication,, tweeted a photo of EgyptAir’s hijacked aircraft, that landed in Cyprus last March, claiming that it’s the Hijacked Libyan plane. Apparently, EgyptAir does not fool around when it comes to their reputation and gave them the lesson of a lifetime in public. OH THE DRAMA! We just love this. Sadly for us, the tweet has since been removed.



WE SAID THIS: *grabs popcorn and waits for the next EgyptAir slay*