Egypt Actors’ Syndicate Stands Behind Rania Youssef Amidst Dress Backlash

Egyptian actress has been caught in a wave of social media hatred and righteous judgment due to a styling decision. A revealing dress – with what appeared to be a black bathing suit underneath it – didn’t go well with the public who criticized her like there’s no tomorrow. The backlash eventually led to lawyers asking for the actress to go on trial for enticing debauchery through her Cairo International Film Festival gown.

Via Rania Youssef

While many social media users disliked her fashion choice, many defended the actress, calling the trial decision an unnecessary overreaction. Egypt Actors’ Syndicate released a statement that they will stand behind any member of the syndicate if brought before a criminal or disciplinary trial. Such matters are preferably handled within the syndicate to guarantee the balance between personal freedom and the public interest represented in the honorable image of the important cultural events sponsored by the Egyptian state.

With absolute respect for the country’s traditions and ethics, the syndicate believes that an actress facing charges over a personal choice has a detrimental effect on the concept of freedom of choice, which is gravely important while fighting extremism and terrorism. The syndicate added that the people should not be sidetracked by minor issues and ignore fundamental crises of the artistic and cultural industries.

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