Rania Youssef Publicly Apologizes After Social Media Backlash Over Revealing Dress

Transparent dresses have been all over the world’s red carpet since late 2016. A sheer dress with undergarments was a go-to look for every celebrity on every award show red carpet. However, Egyptian actress, Rania Youssef, did not receive the same feedback as international starlet when she chose the transparent look.

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It was the closing ceremony for the Cairo International Film Festival when all hell broke loose after Youssef’s appearance. In a black sheer dress with what looked like a one-piece bathing suit underneath, the actress looked fabulous yet Egyptians thought it was provocative.

Via Rania Youssef
Via Rania Youssef

After the actress suffered from a severe backlash on social media, news came out that Youssef will go on trial for being too provocative. Charged with public obscenity, the actress’s trial is scheduled to begin on January 12.

If convicted, the actress might face up to five years in jail for inciting debauchery. Youssef quickly released a public apology stating that she misjudged the situation and offending her fans was not her intentions.

Statement and Clarification: In respect to all Egyptian families outraged by my dress at the Cairo International Festival closing ceremony, I would like to reassure that offending people with my look was not my intention. I might have misjudged the situation as I did not expect such backlash as this is the first time to wear it. Designers and stylists’ taste might have affected my decision as they could have considered this an international festival. I did not expect this, and if I did, I wouldn’t have worn it. I respect our Egyptian values and ethics. Being an actress with a positive history with my fan base, I hope they can understand my intentions. I also appreciate being among the actors’ syndicate and appreciate it’s the role in enlightenment and defending art and artists.

WE SAID THIS: Such a dramatic action over a dress when Egypt is suffering from matters that are far more worse.