Dubai’s Ziggurat Pyramid: Futuristic Sustainable Megacity in the Making

Boasting one of the most unique skylines across the MENA region, Dubai is an all-star when it comes to futuristic skyscrapers and exquisite architecture. Joining the skyline club is a mega-structure that promises to bring an innovative take on ancient Egyptian and Mayan pyramids.

Dubbed the Ziggurat Pyramid, it’ll stand at 1200 meters tall and be able to house one million people.

Boasting 300 floors, this mega-structure will be home to residential, commercial, and recreational spaces — a unique city. Within this very space will be everything from lush green parks and bustling marketplaces to many areas where residents and guests can relax.

The coolest part about the structure is that it’ll be sustainable, just like Saudi Arabia’s up-and-coming The Line. Everything inside the building is planned to be powered by renewable sources like solar panels as well as wind energy.

Adding a touch of convenience, the building will also have its own internal public transport system that’ll travel both horizontally and vertically through the building. This will remove the need for cars inside the structure.

The construction started in 2021, and it’ll be completed by 2028. With both the Line and the Ziggurat showcasing the potential of having futuristic, self-sufficient, carbon-free, and sustainable cities, this could be the future blueprint of upcoming cities across the Arab world.

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