A 1 Million Dollar diamond-encrusted Cake Was Just Revealed in Dubai

A $1 million diamond-encrusted cake was just revealed in Dubai at Bride, an annual bridal event, that launched on February 7 and will end on the 10th, at the Dubai World Trade Center, according to Khaleej Times.

The renowned Designer, Debbie Wingham, flew into the city to create the record breaking cake that is dotted with five white diamonds, each worth $200,000, helping it earn the nomenclature of “The Million Dollar Bride”

Via Lostininternet

Wingham is known for making expensive taste and luxurious cakes; one of which was a 14-million-dollar cake made out of gold.

Bride will feature catwalk shows, live entertainment, and a number of workshops on topics ranging from honeymoon planning to home decor. The exhibition will also take place in Abu Dhabi from May 9-12 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center.

WE SAID THIS: That’s one of a kind cake!