Dubai Is Building A 3D-Printed Mosque To Welcome 600 Worshippers At A Time

The world’s first completely functional 3D-printed mosque, to be called “Bur,” is scheduled to open its doors to 600 worshippers at a time in 2025. Moreover, the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities (IACAD) will build a robotic printer using 3D printing technology in four months and the construction of the 2,000-square-meter mosque in Bur Dubai is scheduled to begin in October.

The printer will blend raw ingredients and a unique mix of concrete said the director of IACAD’s engineering division told the National News. Similar to an inkjet printer, the printing process involves layering a fluid substance along a specified path that has been computer-mapped. To turn the computer model into a three-dimensional item, the mineral-infused fluids quickly solidify into concrete.

Director General of IACAD, Hamad Al Shaibani, said: “Dubai is a pioneer in using 3D printing technology and sustainability that will reduce carbon footprint.” He also added that the use of 3D printing will reduce construction material waste as It is environmentally friendly.

It’s also worth noting that Expo 2020 Dubai had a specialized 3D-printing area which included a research center, an academy, and laboratories to help to develop the technology. This is not the only time we saw such technology being used in the Middle East. For example, Qatar is attempting to integrate 3D printing technology into its medical sector. On 1.3 million square meters of land between Qatar University and Lusail City, the Al Daayan Health District, also known as the hospital of the future, will be focused around a two-story building.

Additionally, the largest 3D-printed building made of actual concrete has been created by a team that includes the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech), Mexican cement manufacturer Cemex, and Danish 3D printer manufacturer Cobod. The 190-square-meter building has three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a reception area.

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