Dubai to Host Tomorrowland, and We Officially Declare the Emirate a Utopia

Every single time I think Dubai can’t possibly outdo itself; it keeps proving me wrong! From the biggest observation wheel in the world, to driverless buses, robot police officers, hosting the BBC Proms and Guns N Roses, and being suggested as the best location for an upside-down space tower! And now, Dubai is here once again to give us an OMG moment!


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The dreams and hopes of most the Arab world youth are finally coming true! The most popular music festival in the world, Tomorrowland, is coming to Dubai in the form of UNITE with Tomorrowland.


Attending Tomorrowland is a dream for any music junkie, but the actual expenses to travel to Europe or Latin America has made it a luxury only a few people can afford. But now, we can just attend it in Dubai and live the experience.


Tomorrowland is hosting a concert in Dubai on the 29th of July! The organizers of Tomorrowland are connecting with eight other countries around the world under the banner “UNITE”.


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The festival will be livestreamd to crowds in UAE, Germany, Lebanon, and other countries. The one-day concert will be in Dubai Festival City Arena; which can host up to 8,000 attendees. The line-up will be massive; from local to international talents, including sets of Tomorrowland’s headliners.


By now some might assume this is some kind of an April’s Fool joke. So, here is the link for the official announcement from Tomorrowland’s website! Anyone who’s interested should pre-register as the tickets will sell out really fast!



WE SAID THIS: I love you Dubai!