Dubai Fitness Challenge: The Do’s and Don’ts of a Healthy Diet While You Get Prepped

As the annual Dubai Fitness Challenge kicked off just a few days ago, and especially with the city’s weather starting to improve, many of us, even those who aren’t very fit, are motivated to change our lifestyle, at least for one month, and hopefully implement it for good. But a workout will only be rewarding if it’s accompanied with a healthy and balanced diet. And it’s common for people to tell you what to eat before and after your workout. So to help you with the other side of the process, we’ve compiled a list of foods to cut off before and after your workout session.

Foods to avoid pre-workout

Dairy products

Whether it’s milk, yogurt, or even cheese, consuming dairy prior to working out might not be a very good idea because it will most likely leave your stomach feeling upset or bloated. Although you’ll get the carbs, fat, and protein you need, dairy doesn’t digest well for everyone, so better not take that risk!

Fast food

We know it’s often hard to resist fast food, bur right before you exercise? Probably not a good idea. Fast food, which are usually also greasy, will make you feel too full, uncomfortably heavy, and are also hard to digest.

Spicy foods

Who doesn’t like a little bit of spicy every once in a while? Nevertheless, it might not be very advisable to put yourself on the line with a risk of indigestion or heartburn right before you exercise.

Green bananas

Many of us opt for a pre-workout banana, but make sure it’s not green because unripe bananas are often difficult to digest.

Foods to avoid post-workout

Raw veggies

While we know that the greens are a healthy option for anyone following a balanced diet, it may not be enough for you after you’ve exercised. You need calories, high-quality carbohydrates, and protein, to get all the nutrients you need.

Deep fried foods

After a draining workout, your body needs some fuel. Try baked, steamed, or boiled, they’re healthier and will save you from the trans-fats and salt in fried foods.

Salty snacks

A bag of chips or pretzels can be a fun, tasty snack, but definitely not after working out. When exercising, your body loses potassium, so avoid dropping it lower by eating a salty snack.


Whether your workout was intense or not, never skip your post-workout meal. Your body has let out a lot of energy and deserves to be fed, so having nothing but water will not be rewarding for it.

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