Dubai-Based Gallery To Sell Fossils And Other Treasures

Ever been to a museum and wished you could take a part of it home? Now this dream can become a reality with the Artefactum Gallery that opened in Dubai earlier this September.

Imagine getting your hands on one-of-a-kind fossils and animal skins displays as well as meteorites and other geological artifacts that are also available for sale.

Andrei Zaikin and Kirill Sarychev who banded together to make this project a reality, have life stories just as unique as their treasures.

Via Arabian Business

Kirill broke powerlifting world records and organized international slapping and bare-knuckle tournaments and Andrei who is also an athlete, hunter, and businessman whose passion for collecting started all of this.

This collection comes from across the world but more so from the permafrost glaciers melting due to global warming, allowing fossil hunters to go on a modern-day gold rush.

The trade of Mammoth ivory can retail for tens of thousands of dollars if in good shape or both pairs of tusks are present, and other fossils can be even pricier if there are complete skeletal remains going into the neighborhood of millions of dollars.

If you’re near the Museum of the Future in Dubai, go check out the gallery, or browse the Artefactum website for more details.  

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