Dubai Aims to be the World’s Dinning Trend Setter With This Floating Kitchen


The world will be introduced to the first floating kitchen in Dubai. The Aqua Pod is meant to add a luxury to those in their yachts and boats, and they are now able to have food served right to their boats. Many people are excited about this because the boat is said to have snacks and meals for everyone to enjoy.

Gulf News talked to the founder of the Aquatic Architects Design Studio the main consultant and builder for the Aqua Pod, Ahmad Yousuf, who told them all the details related to the kitchen. “We started this project back in May of last year, with the Aqua Pod taking three months to construct. The goal here is to redefine the idea of a food truck — which is always found on land — and to develop what you can call a floating kitchen that serves people who are in marine craft rather than cars,”

Yousuf also talked about the two ways people will be able to order the food. Aqua Pod customers can order food in two ways. “The first method is the flags system, which features a delivery jet ski going to all of the boats around the Aqua Pod ad giving them flags. Customers who want to place an order can raise their flag.

The jet ski will take the order and deliver the food “People can also order directly at the Aqua Pod by stopping their boat, or jet ski, alongside the pod and placing their order. This method is designed for smaller marine craft rather than bigger ones,” Yousuf added.

Via DrinkPreneur

People’s main concern was the cleanliness of the environment and marine health, Yousuf reassured that the Aqua Pods were designed using sustainable mechanisms that allow it to run electronically meaning that there are no hazards for oil spills or gas leakages into the water. He was also asked what will happen to the trash people may throw into the water, he responded saying that this is out of their control, but he said the Aqua Pod can take in all that waste into one of its tanks, which is then discharged afterwards.

WE SAID THIS: We can’t wait to see the trends Dubai is ought to start!

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