Dubai Just Took Airport Technology Another Step Further With These Iris and Facial Recognition Gates

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Looks like Dubai is acing the technology game in the category of seamless travel. Princeton Identity announced the installation of 100 Access500e kiosks at the Dubai International Airport and that it’s planning to install about 40 more terminals soon.

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The kiosks are equipped with face and iris biometric capture devices. This technology has been installed in a smart gate, usually referred to as the ‘Eyen’ gate system.

Mark Clifton, Chief Executive Officer at Princeton Identity, stated that “Princeton Identity and the Dubai International Airport share a goal of simplifying and speeding access to keep people and business moving, and the Access500e deployment at the DXB marks a new standard in passenger security.”

“Iris recognition is most reliable form of biometric identification, and the Access500e will turn what used to be a slow process for travelers, into a convenient, quick, and more secure experience,” he added.

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