DJ Solomun to Perform in Egypt for the First Time and We are Ready!

Via trackidblog

Bosnian-German (with Croatian Nationality) DJ Solomun is one of the most popular Music Producers and DJs in the whole world, and his popularity in Egypt is massive! Every time one of the videos of his chill performances goes viral, it circulates in Egyptian timelines with much love. He’s a three-time award winner, and he’s a master when it comes to lounge music, house music, deep house, and techno!

The renowned 42-year-old DJ will be performing in Sahl Hashish one day after the long-awaited mini-festival K, Bye! More information to be published on Solomun’s performance soon, as for now we only know the date and the place; 30th of December in Sahl Hasheesh and that Uber House Egypt is on board!

The mini-festival will take place on the 28th and 29th of December, and with DJ Solomun performing on the 30th, we just can’t imagine what could happen on the New Year’s Eve in Sahl Hasheesh! Early birds tickets of the festival are currently being sold on Qube for EGP 1,800.

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