Check Out this Protection Foundation Dedicated to Improve the Lives of Animals in Egypt

Via aspca

We’ve been hearing a lot of news lately about exporting dogs to dog-eating states, and whether the news is true or not, it’s sad to know that people actually take such disgusting initiatives. In a totally different manner, some other people are working hard and dedicating their time, energy, resources, and money to make the lives of animals in our community better. From a simple act of kindness from an animal-loving person to organized groups who take solid initiatives to help save those animals, every day we see things that restore our faith in humanity.

Today we’ll highlight the Animal Protection Foundation (APF) and their well-appreciated efforts. APF is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of animals in our community, and they are home to hundreds of abused dogs. It’s a beautiful platform to spend some time with some cute doggos, introduce a new family member by adopting one, or volunteer to help them make the lives of these dogs better. Whether you’ll donate money, dog food, or spend some of your time helping out, you’ll definitely make a change.

WE SAID THIS: Dogs are our friends, not by any means our food.