9 Things We Dread About Dish Parties In Ramadan

Don’t you just get excited when someone invites you for iftar in Ramadan? It means you get away with not cooking for the day and reaping the fruits of someone else’s efforts – that is, until you are told that it is a notorious dish party.

The only person who benefits from this disaster of an event is the host. They get to throw a fun event with quarter the effort. As for the invitees, this is how they struggle:



Forcing your mom to cook you something, listening to her blaming you for her exhaustion or roaming the streets looking for leftover desserts at any store because the line at Koueider is impossible





Everyone being late, which means you are stuck with the food you got, hopefully not a dessert





By the time everyone arrives, the food is cold and stale





Everyone shows up with nothing but desserts, which makes sense because no one wants to cook





After the few people who had it in their heart to bring carbs show up, you find yourself in front of five different types of pasta and pizza and no proteins





You can forget about soup amidst the noise and trying to find a place to sit and properly eat





But at least there is always the one friend who brings the amazing fatta, which is usually the only thing that tastes good





Of course, single guys don’t bring anything except soda, plastic plates and cups





If that doesn’t make you think twice before you accept the dish party invitation, rest assured you are in for the worst fetar of your life





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