#DiscoInJeddah Trends on Twitter as Dubai-based Nightclub “White” Opens in KSA

News came out that Dubai and Lebanon-based nightclub “White” is coming to Jeddah and, by the looks of the reactions on social media, the internet will never be the same again.

No, the nightclub will not serve alcoholic beverages. No, it’s not really a club but rather a lounge. No, ladies will not wear abayas, however, the dress code was announced as smart casual.

While everyone should be in panic mode that Ne-Yo is headlining the opening night this Thursday, the internet had a different plan altogether.

The hashtag #DiscoInJeddah took over Twitter and the memes are hysterical. To be honest, it’s too hard to imagine ourselves partying in Jeddah in a mixed-gender venue. Street festivals are one thing, but Ne-Yo in a nightclub? Memes were bound to happen.

Here are Twitter’s funniest reactions:

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