Dubai-Based Nightclub to Open in Jeddah This Week

If you’ve been keeping Saudi Arabia under your radar, then you probably noticed how big the hype around the kingdom’s growing entertainment sector is right now. The hype is now coming in the form of a nightclub, which in the country’s conservative setting is going to mean more of a high-end lounge.

White is a Dubai and Lebanon-based nightclub, and it’s set to open in the Saudi city of Jeddah this week and we couldn’t be more excited.

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The high-end cafe is not going to serve alcohol, as it’s against Saudi Arabia’s laws and regulations. Consuming or selling alcoholic drinks is illegal in Saudi Arabia, and violators are often subject to severe punishments such as imprisonment or deportation.

The dress code is something most nightclubs are strict about. And in the case of Jeddah, the lounge’s dress code is smart-casual. The opening act is going to be the American singer Shaffer Chimere Smith, known by his stage name Ne-Yo.

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