Here Is a List of the “Freshest” Memes You’ll See Today!

One of the main aspects of every Ramadan, that people spend most of their time talking, debating, criticizing, and making memes of, is Ramadan Ads.

This year was no different, with a huge number of high budget ads that might influence and reshape the entire field. From Van Damme singing with Mohamed Ramadan, Amr Diab revisiting his memories, to the super catchy Fresh Ad song.

Fresh is one of the leading brands for electronic devices, and this year, it can be argued that they won Ramadan. Literally, everyone I know is singing the song from the ad or making memes about it.

Here are some of the funniest memes about the ad so far.

WE SAID THIS: Only the freshest memes, ya 2emma balash!