Dining by the Pyramids: 5 Restaurants With a Breathtaking View of the Giza Plateau

Shoutout to the views that make everything better! Who says no to views that brighten up our day. Well, the Giza pyramids add so much already, and then comes food and you’ll be as happy as can be. We’ve thought of collecting the top restaurants that are overlooking the Giza plateau so that your eyes enjoy the view and while you enjoy the tasty food. Scroll down to find out more about dining by the pyramids!

9 Pyramids Lounge

Shoutout to this new Egyptian place that attracted so many people the moment it opened its doors. 9 Pyramids Lounge is the first restaurant in the pyramids plateau, known for its Egyptian food. Whether breakfast or lunch, you’ll definitely enjoy the setting of this place! That’s not it, because you will also be pampered with their bedouin style setting and more.

139 Pavilion-Mena House

Your go-to get away from the crowds and bustle of the city. Have breakfast, lunch or dinner fountain-side, surrounded by flowers and greenery and the amazing pyramids. What a view! The combination of peacefulness, good food and serenity is just what you need.


Shoutout to all seafood lovers out there, we’ve got you covered with one of the top authentic seafood restaurants in Egypt. Isn’t it just mesmerizing having both delicious seafood and a magnificent view in one place?

Felfela Village

Authentic food meets an authentic view! This is the place for anyone looking for a taste for local food.

Now a quick update and a surprise as well, as part of the state’s project there will be another restaurant to be opened in the Pyramids Giza area to further increase tourism. Moreover, electric buses will be provided in the area to help us go green!

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