4 Features You Want Your New Business Software to Include

Operating a small business is simpler when you have the right software. There’s no doubt that software for running a dance studio successfully or managing a gym with ease is a huge asset. Before you buy anything, it pays to make a wish list of what you want the software to do. Here are four features that should be on your list. 

Easy Integration With Your Other Software

Compatible software saves a lot of time and effort. It’s easier to share data across the spectrum and reduce the risk of data entry errors. It’s also helpful in terms of being able to retrieve the information needed to respond to a customer query without having to look in several databases. 

Always find out what sort of programs the software can work with seamlessly. Along with helping in the future, it will also make the initial population of data in the new software a lot quicker and easier. 

No Long Learning Curve for Your Employees

While you want something that will grow right along with the business, it also has to be easy to utilize all the functions. That means opting for software that makes performing tasks quick and easy. Ideally, no more than three clicks should be enough for an authorized user to get to whatever they need to reach. 

This will go a long way toward making things easier for your employees. Their primary focus is on taking care of your client base. If they are doing that rather than trying to figure out some complicated procedure to find what they need, everyone benefits. 

An App for Your Clients

Software that includes an app that clients can load on their smartphones is a great asset. The app should allow clients to access data about their accounts. Things like reminders of upcoming classes, the ability to register for classes, or even to check in and out of the facility are all great features. An app can also be a simple way for you to send out mass messages to the client base, alerting them to upcoming sales, special days when they can bring friends, and other events you’re planning. 

Real-Time Updates for Scheduling

Perhaps one of the options you offer is for one on one time with one of your trainers or instructors. How is that type of time reserved and confirmed? The right software will include functions that make this easy. 

When a client requests time with one of your pros, it can immediately be sent for approval by the instructor or trainer. Once that’s done, the software adds the appointment to the trainer’s schedule. At the same time, the client receives a confirmation that the appointment is set. Think of this as a type of software for personal trainers that helps keep everyone’s schedule up to date. 

There are a number of other features included in many similar software packages. Your goal is to find the one that works best for your business model. Make use of free trial periods and try every feature included in the software. Once you’re sure it will provide the benefits that you want, the search will be over. 

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