The Ultimate Comical Therapy That Will Uplift Your Day!

Ever imagine if inanimate objects can talk? If they had a soul? Well, this read is definitely for you then. A type of lighthearted therapy that enlivens everything it comes across. It has come to our attention of a hilarious and mysterious account known as ‘All_Eyez_on_Cairo.’ An account in which the creator places googly eyes on pretty much everything. From mops and blowdryers to flowers in the streets of Cairo. There is a term for this type of creative and crafty move known as ‘eye bombing.’ This unique comical form of art therapy surely will brighten up your mood and perhaps make objects more relatable who knows!

The therapeutic value behind this can be experienced if you happen to come around a location of these googly eyes. It’ll undoubtedly put a smile on your face, uplift the spirit, even for just a brief moment. Not to mention it certainly adds a feel to look at objects in a different way. Even Christopher Walken once made a short SNL skit where he put googly eyes on plants as a comical way of connecting with them. Check out his video below!

Therapeutic Googly Plants!

We couldn’t think of a more suitable name of the Instagram account as it truly captivates the essence of the material. The philosophy behind them seems to be about transforming anything into a weirdly positive and quite adorable sight. Scroll down to see what we’re talking about!

The Mask vs. Anti-masker

Camel Meets Goat Hybrid

HumidifEYEr Fish

Via Instagram

Make sure to take notice of the captions for each one as they offer interesting wisdom and pure love for puns. These are just a fraction of a guaranteed laugh. Googly eyes aren’t just supplies used for school art work. As you’ve seen, they’re used for just about anything that looks like it needs a face!

Try randomly leaving some for others be it at a cafe, at work, at home, or anywhere else and watch the therapy work!

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