Dina In The Kitchen: Check Out This Egyptian Food Blogger For Easy Delicious Recipes

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By Nada Hamouda

Food blogs are exploding across the region, and we’re so happy to see this trend growing in popularity among women who are taking social media platforms to offer their secret cooking talents. So, we’re glad to let you know more about one woman who decided to launch her own food blog, Dina in The Kitchen, in August 2016 just for the love of food.

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Dina Hamdi is a food blogger and a writer who follows food by passion. “My relationship with food has been special since ever. Food gave me happiness, satisfaction, and excitement. It is time to give back,” Dina, Founder and owner of “Dina in The Kitchen,” introduced herself on her personal blog.

This blog aims to help people handle food gatherings with more inspiration and creativity in the kitchen. Dina’s passion for food shines through her blog, which includes a plethora of delicious recipes. However, what really distinguishes her platform is that she doesn’t overcomplicate things, making it super easy to cook.

I used to hate phyllo pastry big time ! Honestly I didn’t know how to deal with it ! Either It is super crunchy and dry…

Posted by Dina in the kitchen on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The blog is packed with series of recipes like (Back to the Basics) and (Lazy Recipes) where she tries to reach newlyweds; those who are experiencing their first time in the kitchen, or those living alone.

“Dina in The Kitchen” offers you food recipes with one-minute videos for showing the exact ingredients being cooked together in the kitchen. She used to focus more on meals and appetizers’ recipes. “Dina in The Kitchen” represents our own culture by highlighting the Arab and Egyptian cuisine.

Via: Facebook

However, in Ramadan, she puts her attention on El Sohour and desserts’ recipes. This Ramadan, Dina is featuring homemade Sohour series where she gave recipes with available ingredients. Nevertheless, her Lotus Konafa recipe, which has been trending this Ramadan, was just mouthwatering.

Though Dina believes that being in the kitchen is one form of passion, being goal oriented, organized and planning ahead remains the key to a successful family\friends gatherings.

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Posted by Dina in the kitchen on Sunday, May 13, 2018

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