Debugging Egypt’s Sound: How Audio Technology is Expanding to Meet the Country’s Growing Audio Needs

Founded in Cairo in 1993 with an entrepreneurial ambition to empower businesses to accelerate, Audio Technology S.A.E. is a company that takes pride in managing all aspects of Egypt’s mega-projects, from engineering, planning, and supply to installation and efficient after-sale services, delivering unique solutions and distinct communication systems that enable industries to reach their full potential.

Without a doubt, they are this country’s best dynamic system integrator and an influential market leader in the sector of light current services and integrated CCTV systems.

“A passion for results” is the mantra that guides Audio Technology‘s vision. This is at the heart of all the company’s work, which is why its primary goal is to maintain a market-leading position in the provision of cutting-edge light current solutions and premium consumer product technology, with a focus on innovation and perfection.

As part of the company’s retail development plan with its new brand and technology, Audio Technology will open locations in Arkan, Sheikh Zayed, and 5A The Drive-by Waterway, New Cairo. Those two branches will be additions to Audio Technology’s existing locations across Cairo; the list includes three branches located at El Merghany Street in Heliopolis, Mall of Egypt in 6th of October city, and Cairo Festival City Mall in New Cairo.

Audio Technology offers a wide range of brands such as Bose, Bose Professional, JBL, Pioneer DJ, Harman, Shure, and Universal Audio. Not only that, but they also sell studio monitors, audio interfaces, studio microphones, studio headphones, and midi controllers. But, what if you wish to pursue a profession as a DJ? Audio Technology has come to the rescue with comprehensive DJ setups that include everything from players and mixers to turntables and controls.

The leading company also provides luxurious home solutions such as soundbars, smart Wi-Fi speakers, 5.1 home theatre systems, and outdoor speaker systems. With that being said, Audio Technology provides a variety of audio solutions, such as public address music systems, clubbing and foreground sound solutions, as well as portable line array solutions.

From Bose wireless headphones, JBL gaming headphones, and noise-canceling headphones to earphones, portable speakers, and wearables, Audio Technology is a top-tier provider with the goal of providing a unique business-to-consumer experience for products ranging.

What makes this company such a professional entity is its core objective which is to consistently empower organizations with individualized, one-on-one service that exceeds every expectation, both locally and globally, with a vision committed to excellence from consultation to delivery.

The values that define Audio Technology are strongly based on innovation, commitment, coordination, respect, and excellence. They place a strong emphasis on coordination since they believe in a coordinated effort; as a result, Audio Technology works as a team to satisfy the diverse needs of clients through expertise, innovation, and ongoing collaboration in order to impress.

Here’s a look at some extraordinary musicians who visited Audio Technology stores:

Massar Egbari’s frontman Hany El Dakkak at Audio Technology shops.
Massar Egbari’s Keyboardist Ayman Massoud at Audio Technology shops.
Sharmoofer’s founder and drummer, Mohamed El-Arkan at Audio Technology shops.

One of their most important initiatives was to equip the Cairo International Sports Arenas with a sound system that meets the International Handball Federation (IHF) standards and meets the needs of the sport, as this arena was scheduled to host the 2021 World Championship. Consequently, Audio Solutions used JBL’s cutting-edge VTX-V20 (hall1) and VTX-A8 (hall2) speakers to cover the audience area, while the AC2212/95 Speakers’ power and broad dispersion angle were used to cover the playfield region.

Additionally, some influencers made it to visit Audio Technology stores:

Video creators Omar Migo, Farah Roushdy, and Farah Haridy at Audio Technology stores.
Noha El Sherbiny, a famous influencer, at Audio Technology shops.

It is evident that Audio Technology is a professional place that uses creativity and innovation to offer the best services and products in town! With their new expansion process, Audio Technology strives to become one of the top market leaders and dynamic system integrators in the country!

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