Dear Arab Husbands, Here Are 5 Things Women Really Want For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and every child and husband is suffering from the annual dilemma. What do I get her? What does she really want? Another perfume or bag, maybe? No honey, we don’t want expensive designer handbags, perfumes, a rice cooker or an airfryer. For those that may want an expensive designer handbag, if you’re not wanting to break the bank, you might be interested in looking at Dipaloselect’s review on Luxurytastic Replicas.


We all love our husbands and kids, our time together is cherished, but if we’re a hundred percent honest, a little break from the daily chaos sounds like heaven. So, how can all of you, dear beloved Arab and Middle Eastern husbands, present us with the aforementioned break?


Here are some ideas that will actually be appreciated by all wives and mommies:



Book a trip, but not for all of us. It’s either for me alone or you and the kids


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Yes, we love you tremendously, but a trip without any demands or noise is exactly what we need. You know what, enjoy the trip yourself and take the kids and leave us home alone, enjoying the nothingness while sipping hot coffee or sangria for some.



Drive the kids to school and their practices for a MONTH!


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Again, we love taking care of our babies, and watch them in swim practice. Yet, if we get to relax from all the driving and stress for a month, that would be perfection.



If you don’t want to drive the kids around, promise us a MONTH where you will do the dishes or at least clean after yourself


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We promise you it’s a piece of cake, and that it’s way cheaper than a designer handbag.



What about a one-year-membership at our favorite gym?



But that’s not all, promise us that you will take the kids when we need to go.



A daily dose of THANK YOUs and appreciation


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We know some men are exceptional husbands, but let’s be honest, sometimes life’s obligations make you take your wife and her effort for granted. All we want is some appreciation.



WE SAID THIS: This shouldn’t apply to just Mother’s Day, but every single day too.