Egypt’s Dar Al-Ifta Comments on Mistakenly Sighting Ramadan’s Crescent

There has been a huge fuss on all social media platforms that Egypt has mistakenly sighted the crescent that based on it, they’re able to determine the start of the holy month this year. But Dar Al Ifta had a say of their own.

Via Siasat

Egypt’s Dar Al-Ifta issued a statement denying that they were wrong when it came to the start of Ramadan adding that people shouldn’t rely on the sightings with their naked eye and that it requires thorough and detailed calculations that they have underwent.

People have taken to social media stating that they have seen a full moon when only it was the 12th of Ramadan adding that Dar Al-Ifta might have got it wrong in the first place.

This has previously happened in Saudi Arabia, where the country got the sighting wrong, back in 2011, and was later forced to pay a Kafara of 1bn Saudi Riyals.

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