Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Just Approved a Measure to Criminalize Sexual Harassment!


Five years in jail and a fine of 300,000 Saudi Riyals could be waiting for anyone that carries out sexual harassment in Saudi Arabia! The Ministry of Culture and Information stated that the Kingdom just approved a measure to criminalise sexual harassment and punish those who dare to.

Via DNA India

The move is the latest in a series of reforms that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has adopted as part of Vision 2030 and comes weeks before a decades-old ban on women driving which will end on the 24th of June. The legislation now awaits a royal decree to become law.

According to The National, in addition to mandating a prison term and a fine, the bill stipulates the potential penalties for a number other factors, including multiple occurrences of the harassment, harassment in the workplace, educational institutions, and home, if the accused has a position of authority, if the victim was unconscious, if the crime was committed during a time of crisis, accident or disaster, if the victim was a child or a person with special needs.

WE SAID THIS: Whether you see these moves as baby steps or giant leaps; one must admit that the Kingdom is moving towards the right direction.