As Part of ‘Their Suhoor On Us’ Initiative, Dubai to Deliver Meals Via Drones!

By Febronia Hanna

This Ramadan, Dubai’s authorities promise to make your Suhoor even more glamorous than every year. Delivering Ramadan Suhoor to hotels, restaurants, houses, giving away water and food is one thing and making the food land from the sky to mosques with a drone is a whole other thing.

via Arabian Bussiness

The Suhoor drones are a part of the ” Their Suhoor Is On Us” campaign by the Community Development Authority in Dubai. Khalfan Obeid, the man who designed those drones said that they can store specific information about routes and maps to ensure the quality of the service, the drones use imported charged batteries and can carry up to 10 kilos of meals.

The drones will be used to deliver 10% of 32,000 of the meals allocated for the campaign this Ramadan, the food packs will include a main course and a desert. In addition to this, fruits, Laban, coconut water, Karak tea, and popcorn will also be included in the meal sometimes. The meals will be distributed starting from 10:00 pm to 11:30 pm every night during Ramadan.

The drone initiative was aimed to let younger generations volunteer to help in social responsibility tasks and to empower them to plan other initiatives on their own.

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