Why Egyptian Parents Are Absolutely Happy the Back to School Season Is Here

It’s finally happening. Kids are going back to school. Before you judge us and wonder how we’re totes not going to miss the morning cuddles, let us explain what has been going on to parents since Ramadan.


For the past two months, we, AKA parents, have been chasing kids around the country. The beach is a disaster. From preparing molokheya and rice in ungodly hours, breaking up fights with other kids over sand buckets, to trying to find that one nanny who will save you…but fail miserably.



So, we can’t believe it is actually happening. We are days away from school





We’re sorry but we can’t deny our ecstasy. We love them and will miss them but we all need some ‘me’ time





We can do whatever we want in the morning even if it means acting like a damn fool. Anything but a responsible person





We have from 6 to 9 hours to drink that hot coffee we’ve been badly deprived of





We will actually have time to work out or simply dance in the living room





We know, we know. There’s always lunch boxes at 6 am, homework and swimming or soccer practices but we will take that over trying to entertain kids all summer any freakin’ time





But then there’s always that moment when you realize your kid will collapse and go to bed at 7 pm and you just dance some more





WE SAID THIS: Ugh! Life will be good the next two months.