This New Egyptian Organic Beauty Brand Is Exactly What Your Skin Needs

A new Egyptian beauty brand -inspired by nature, and not tested on animals- has just entered the world of organic and natural beauty products, with the aim of transforming every woman’s daily beauty routine into a 100% all natural and nourishing one.


The brand’s name is Urban Ducks. The word urban is used to describe the bustling lifestyle, possessed by those who inhabit large cities, like Cairo.



The word “ducks” represents a tribute and appreciation to the ways in which ducks easily adapt to new habitats, without essentially changing too much of their behaviors and characteristics. According to Nouran, one of the brand’s founders, “coming up with the name was the easiest part, because it defines us and our goals.”





The brand started when the four partners -Nouran, Nermeen, Omar, and Rimon- were searching for natural and organic skincare products to satisfy their lifestyles and needs. However, they ended up establishing their own all natural 100% Egyptian beauty brand, to fill the gap they found within the market. Their aim now is to expand the culture of using vegan beauty products.


Whether it’s their coffee scrubs, their lotions, their body butters, or their beard oils, all their products are natural, fresh, and made in Egypt. Beard oil is their first product for men, and they are planning to create more products to serve this specific demographic. Urban Ducks will also launch products made for house pets; the brand is really invested in making everyone use natural skin products, and letting go of all harmful, chemical-based, artificial ingredients.





The brand currently possesses an online store, and they are expected to have a storefront very soon. The store will not only carry their current products, it will also carry new skin and hair care products.



WE SAID THIS: Can’t wait to try out their new products!