Daily Dose of Art: Arab Football Fanatics Need to Check out These Visual Illustrations!

This is one of the articles where I don’t know where it fits; sports category, or art category! Ahmed Nabil, Founder of Nobelista, is a visual artist, illustrator, cartoonist, and a caricature artist! If you checked out his personal account, you’ll find super cool posts that showcase the artist that he is. But what interests me the most, although I’m not into football, is his passion for the most popular sport in the world.

Nabil’s passion for both art and football inspired him to create Nobelista, where he posts cartoons and illustrations related to football! The cartoons have a consistent character, Nobelista, a football fanatic with a big smile on his face; he doesn’t play the game but obsessed with it. Check out some of his coolest posts below, then head to his page to see all his work.

Nobelista with Mo Salah following Ramy Malek’s Academy Award Win!

Nobelista doing the #10yearschallenge with Captain Maged!

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Nobelista outvoting Mo Salah after the GQ Shoot!

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حب الناس ❤️??‍♂️ #nobelista1

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Nabelista playing with Egyptian Football Icon, Farida Salem! Check out our interview with her here.


Nobelista with Luda Modric after winning the Ballon D’or!


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