In Pictures: Queen Rania’s Classy and Sophisticated Style

By Sarah Alblowi

The healthy hair, fashion sense, the make up, and the mesmerizing beauty. There’s so much more to appreciate like her humanitarian personality and genuine positive appeal to life. The mommy stuns every charitable event with a killer outfit to prove that you can do it all. Although maintaining a busy life, this queen makes dressing classy the new hype. Queen Rania seems fond of everything from Zara to local brands to Gucci! We sometimes forget she’s a queen from how stylish she.

Here areere’s some of our favorite looks over the years:

Her Wedding

Via unofficialroyalty

This Pastel Blue Outerwear with Queen Máxima in the Netherlands

Via Marieclaire

Her Crowning day: The volumous hair, gold dress, and crown

Via Hellomagazine

All black leather during her recent visit to France and Italy

Via Queenraniastyle

Pretty in Pink, wearing a Ralph Russo and Dior heels

Via Vogue

Walking around the Big Apple in all white and gold hugging Azzi and Osta pencil skirt and Antonio Berardi top

Via Vogue

Killing it in Amman with her Exotic Peekaboo Fendi Bag

Via Vogue

Red fitted Givenchy dress with matching shoes and an edgy Louis Vuttion purse

Via Popsugar

Alexander Mcqueen and Valentino pumps, my favorite!

Via Marieclaire

Doesn’t this look straight out of a princess movie?

Via Marieclarie

A Royal Arabic affair, stunning in her London visit in 2001

Via Marieclaire


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