Creative Ways to Save Money

Most of us prefer our money in our pocket instead of in someone else’s, right?  Unless you are uber-rich and live without a care in the world, saving cash should top your priority list. 

There are basic savings rules.  Put 10% of your check into savings, buy into your retirement, and budget your money.  Are those the only ways to save money?  Not at all.  There are several creative ways to save money.  

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Let’s check some of them out.


Clipping coupons has long been a way to save a few bucks.  Recently, the extreme couponing craze has allowed people to save bigtime. Not only do the couponers get to stock items galore, but they also get to save a ton of money.

Sell What You Don’t Use

A quick once over of your house and a few posts on Facebook Marketplace could help you bank some extra cash.  The hardest part of this savings hack is the cleaning. 

Think about it, though.  It’s a win-win situation.  Your house gets cleaned, and you make some money.  It’s a great way to make your cleaning literally pay off.   


This app is great for saving money. It rounds up your bank withdrawals, and then it invests them in stocks for you.  You simply set up a stock portfolio, and Acorns does the rest.  When you purchase something on your debit card, the price is rounded up to the nearest dollar.  

Acorns invests what’s rounded up for you based on the portfolio you set up.  

Manage and Track Your Budget

It’s one thing to have a budget on paper.  It’s a different thing to have a budget in practice.  Maintaining a budget means seeing how well it’s working so that you can modify and adjust it.

In short, you have to manage and track your budget. Look at what you’ve spent and where you’ve spent it.  If you are overspending, you have to find ways to cut back. 

Credit Card Points

A lot of people find success in saving money by using credit card rewards.  You can pay for everything on your card; then, at the end of the month, you pay your card off.  Each time you pay your bill, you get cashback rewards.

A word of advice for anyone considering this option: you can’t just go out and blindly spend with your credit card.  You have to stick to your budget.  Otherwise, you end up with a lot of credit card debt.  No one who’s trying to save money wants credit card debt. 


Every little bit helps when you are trying to cut costs.  If you devote yourself to saving money, before you know it, you will have a great down payment for big purchases like a house or a car.  So, when it comes time to look for Halton real estate or to shop for that road cruiser, you’ll have money in the bank if you follow these few tips.

WE SAID THIS: Every little bit helps!