A Scoop of Mosalsalat: Just When People Started to Get Bored of ‘El Nehaya’, a Plot Twist Changes the Game!

A couple of years ago, when the poster of “El Nehaya” was dropped, it became one of the most anticipated series in the Arab World, and people can’t wait to see how it’ll turn out in the end. The hype only got bigger when the trailer came out, and with the release of the first couple of episodes. Everyone was anticipating much from the Ramadan key player Youssef El Sherif, the new genre, the interesting setting, the great graphics and effects, with Hisham Kharma’s soundtrack being the cherry on top.

However, the pace started to get a lot slower for the past few episodes, and the “Chapeaux Youssef El Sherif” tweets started being replaced with memes making fun of how slow things are. Yesterday’s plot twist changed everything though, as a new character was introduced, Eyad Nassar!

Eyad Nassar plays the role of a one-eyed, patch-wearing immortal character just one episode after guest star Mahmoud AbdelMoghny was exploring an arc of the story related to a new world order and conspiracy theories. Now everyone is waiting for confirmation in the next episodes, but it seems like Eyad Nassar is portraying the Antichrist! Things are getting much more interesting, and it seems like the series is back in the race!

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