Coronavirus lockdown anniversary: The 5 Mental Stages Every Arab Jumped Through

Around this time last year, we all started quarantining. The whole world shut down, and everything went south. It’s been a year of ups and downs, and a lot has changed since then. As we approach the coronavirus lockdown anniversary in 2021, we reflect on the various stages, trends, and hypes people went through. We are all here for it still, and we aren’t sure when this will come to a complete end. For now though, let’s celebrate the coronavirus lockdown anniversary, take a stroll down memory lane, and visit all the main stages we experienced throughout the lockdown.

Everyone was in denial

At first, no one really knew what was happening. Governments would lockdown for two weeks, and that’s all we thought it was. Just a two week lockdown. People were grateful and happy to get a vacation, and some probably thought COVID-19 is merely a myth. Next thing we know, another extension of two more weeks of lockdown and curfews were added. By this point, it got more serious, and the number of positive cases for COVID-19, as well as patients in the hospital were rising, leading us to the second stage…


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In this stage, people went on a shopping frenzy as if the impending doom of an apocalypse was upon us and we had to seek shelter. People bought all they can to fit into their homes, or their cars. The frenzy took place mainly in the supermarkets and the pharmacies. From fighting over products at supermarkets resulting in scandals, to personal products and equipment beyond one’s own need. Let’s not forget of course about stockpiling as many masks as humanly possible to fit in to a grocery bag, along with alcohol sanitizers/sprays, and medicine to prepare for a battle against COVID-19. Now, on to stage three.

Embracing the quarantine and all its glory

This stage was kind of fun, of course not for everyone though. By this point, people just accepted the lockdown as a form of vacation. Resting, working from bed, and saving up all the money we’d normally spend on transportation, outings, and takeout food. By this point, people started to resort to playing online games, and binge-watching with their families. Viewings on streaming platforms undoubtedly skyrocketed. Some treated this stage as a spa week, or spa month; they pampered themselves and started home workouts. Although we didn’t spend money on the usual matters, we all still remember the excessive online shopping phase. Ah, yes, where we bought things we don’t need, and super cute pajamas, since that’s pretty much all we’d be wearing for a while. This didn’t last of course..

Boredom and depression

After pampering yourself, buying all you can buy online, watching movies and TV shows, and bonding with your family, you hit a bump. People started getting depressed, bored, and life seemed to be monotonous. In contrast to spending their time on social media, making memes, and watching TikTok videos, the posts and tweets got depressing. By this point, people craved for physical social interactions, needed to get out, and resume their lives. It lasted for a while, until finally we got the chance, and the lockdown regulations loosened up a bit. This was not without consequences though.

The not so shocking aftermath

Aside from forgetting what it is you used to wear when you go out, and of course still being on semi coronavirus lockdown rules, we needed to brush up on our social skills again. Meeting with friends or interacting with anyone on the streets became almost unfamiliar and challenging at times, when and if we did. We forgot about the noise, and being nice to people and the energy one exerts in social situations. We were a little rusty by this point, but here we are.

Even though there isn’t a full lockdown for us at the moment, some restrictions have been set up in regards to health precautions, in order to protect ourselves and others. People still wear masks, spray themselves incessantly with alcohol, shopping malls still measure people’s temperature upon entering, and the list goes on. Though the restrictions are definitely softening up, health risks are still high. Wasn’t the lockdown kind of nice though, at some point? Ah, the quiet, peace, and cleaner air surely were..

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