Your Top 5 Hit Games That Capture Egypt Perfectly

Egypt has long been a popular setting for movies and games. The entertainment industry is well aware of the power and romantic appeal of having Egypt, both ancient and modern, as a stirring backdrop. Computer, console and online games in particular have shown exactly what is possible in bringing out the mystery and vibrancy of Egypt in all its forms. Scroll down to find out all about the 5 games which capture fully the energy of Egypt!

Tomb Raider

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Almost certainly the most famous game about searching archeological sites ever, Tomb Raider became an instant success upon its release in 1996. Follow up games and a Hollywood movie featuring Angelina Jolie further cemented its classic status. Starring Lara Croft, the game portrays an ancient Egyptian view of ancient caverns and burial chambers. The player controls Lara’s actions as she explores the gameplay environment for artifacts and treasures, while avoiding the attention of mercenaries and enemies.The whole concept of linked rooms in the game has been said to have been inspired by the tomb of Tutankhamun. The ancient Egyptian feel is bolstered by visual motifs and musical pieces that offer a sense of the old world.

The Crown of Egypt

Online slots are renowned for having a host of different backdrops and inspiration to provide compelling gameplay. The Crown of Egypt is possibly the most visually striking of the slots. Players can enjoy the stirring Egyptian atmosphere as they attempt to win big. The story of the game puts the player into the story as a scholar searching for the mysterious crown of Egypt. Crown of Egypt offers a variety of ways to win, thanks to a gameplay method of five reels with four rows of potential winning symbols each. This opens up a huge range of combinations. Offering stunning visual graphics and sound effects, the game is a great chance to experience the world of ancient Egypt.

Assassins Creed Origins

The tenth in the wildly successful Assassins Creed franchise, the 2017 released Origins is exclusively set in Ancient Egypt. Players take control of Bayek, who is taken through a dark and shadowy journey of corruption and intrigue across Egypt. Available across various consoles, the player must complete missions to progress the sophisticated and well-written storylines. As well as the combat tasks and stealth missions, the game benefits from a gameplay system taking in the open landscape of ancient Egypt. The fantastic graphics beautifully bring out the world with the chance to explore pyramids and burial tombs in all their glory. Pitched as an ‘action-RPG’, the game provides a wealth of possibilities for gameplay in Ancient Egypt. Puzzle and tactical elements share space with edgy combat situations for a marvelously detailed trip back through time.


The captivating city building game Pharaoh was released for PCs back in 1999. Set in the world of ancient Egypt, the game puts the player in charge of managing an Egyptian city. The game takes in two different modes campaign and free-mode. The campaign style of game progresses the payer through different periods of Ancient Egypt. They must attempt to build up successful city states, aiming to keep the population happy, well-fed and protected from enemies. The free-mode allows players to take on stand-alone scenarios, which may or may not have
set-conditions to win. The game also included a map-editor, so that users could generate their own scenarios. This
type of game modification is nowadays familiar, but back in the late 90’s Pharaoh showed what was possible in making an Egyptian-themed customizable management game.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

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Activision’s Call of Duty series has been a huge hit across various platforms. Starting out in 2003, the first-person shooter series of games brings out a gripping world of danger and excitement for players. Call of Duty: Black Ops III takes players to a number of different countries across its epic storyline. Charged with various quests, the player must navigate a treacherous territory of stealth and espionage which can erupt into explosive violence at any second. Egypt features as one of the main locations in the gameplay environment. Cairo’s downtown sections are brought out in detail, as is the city’s Ramses metro station. The scene taking place at the famous transport hub is a swirl of hyper-advanced weaponry and military action.

Players choose various gameplay modes with the opportunity of playing alongside other players online one of the available games. A team of players can communicate with each other as they uncover more of the game.There is also the new RPG element of building up character’s statistics, which further blurs the line between game genre types. Call of Duty: Black Ops III successfully added to the picture of FPS’s with extra character depth and plot immersion.

It’s no surprise that the allure of ancient Egypt has served so well as the inspiration for a variety of successful games. As technology continues to improve, who knows how immersive the next hit game starring Egypt will be.

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