Collapse Of A 13-Storey Building In Egypt’s Alexandria

This morning, a thirteen-storey building in the northern city of Egypt’s Alexandria collapsed, leaving many people buried under its rubble. So far, at least four people suffered minor injuries due to suffocation. Civil defense first responders headed to the site of the collapse in the Sidi Bishr District to investigate the area. Rescue teams are currently at the site, searching for survivors trapped under the rubble and clearing away the debris as it was reported that several cars crashed into the rubble.

When looking at the cause of the collapse, Alexandria’s governor said that it was because of a “vertical split” in the building’s structure. Other than the 13-storey building, no other structure was affected. In terms of the collapsed building, it is unknown if there are any others trapped under the rubble. For the time being, nearby hospitals have been put on high alert and are prepared for the arrival of potential victims.

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