Coca-Cola Might Be Missing in Action in Egypt This Ramadan, but Surely Not in the Netherlands

Via Youtube

People may have been wondering why Coca-Cola’s been out of the picture for the past week. Every Ramadan the joyful company surprises us with an extraordinary campaign. However, Coca-Cola’s has been missing in action lately and it hasn’t participated in the annual Egyptian ads marathon. Even though this might be the case over here, it’s definitely not in the Netherlands.

Earlier this week, Coca-Cola Netherlands released this moving commercial to greet Muslims all around the world and to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan. Not that this ad only raised awareness about the event, but also promoted world peace and unity. Most importantly, it was a great move to take a stance against Islamophobia and shatter stereotypes by all means.  It’s not the first time for Coca-Cola to nail it. The international brand is best known for their brilliant campaigns and their goal, that they’re surely achieving, of spreading happiness and joy.

WE SAID THIS: Happy Ramadan to anyone celebrating Ramadan all around the world, and hats off to Coca-Cola as usual!