CIFF Throwback: Vintage Photos From the Festival’s 1st Edition in 1976

Via Sada El Balad

As the 42nd edition of the CIFF kicks off and will be running from the 2nd till the 10th of December, we’re thrilled to look back at the first editions when this prestigious event started. The oldest running film festival in the Middle East and Africa was established in 1976 and has taken place every year since its inception, except for two. It is one of only 15 festivals in the world accorded the category “A” by the international federation of film producers associations.

The festival has definitely changed immensely since its inception several decades ago. One thing that stayed intact throughout the years is that it maintained an impressively sophisticated and elegant event that’s always graced with the most talented and popular artists and filmmakers from local, regional, and international levels. We’ll take you on a journey down memory lane, through some gorgeous vintage pictures of the first edition of the festival to get you ready and excited for the 42nd!

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