Celebrities Pay Tribute to Egyptian Legend Ahmed Zaki in a Heart-Wrenching Ad for 500 500 Cancer Hospital

This Ramadan, 500 500 Cancer hospital wins our hearts with their latest ad dedicated to late legendary Egyptian actor, Ahmed Zaki. Celebrities, whom he mentored or worked with, gathered together to pay tribute to his soul that they lost during his battle with lung cancer. In an attempt to never lose a soul for that vicious disease again, they made a generous donation in his name so people could get free treatment.

The meaningful message is delivered through heartwarming music and lyrics sung by the beautiful Sherine Abdelwahab. The commercial features Ahmed Helmi, Mona Zaki, Yousra, Haitham Ahmed Zaki, Hend Sabri, Sherine Reda, Abdelaziz Makhyoun, Gamil Rateb, Nagwa Fouad, Wafaa Salem, Mohamed Nagaty, Amr Saad, and Mohamed Lotfy.
Zaki’s best known for his role in Ayam El Sadat, Nasser 56, Al Nemr Al Aswad, Madraset El Moshaghbeen, and El 3eyal Kebret. For years he’s been entertaining millions of Egyptians and people around the Arab world during his life putting smiles on their faces. Now, even after his death, he’ll be putting more smiles on more faces thanks to this initiative.

WE SAID THIS: May your soul rest in peace, Ahmed Zaki. You’ll forever remain in our hearts! We also hope that anyone out there struggling with cancer or any other disease would finally win the battle.