Celebrating Sudan With A Guide to its Top Touristic Sites

Sudan is a North African country that’s considered one of the Arab countries as it adopts many cultural Middle Eastern elements. It’s a beautiful country with many touristic sites to visit. These are some of the best touristic places there in case you want to add Sudan to your travel bucket list.


This is a famous and historic location that still proudly displays its medieval past. It used to be one of the main staging areas for Muslim pilgrims traveling from North Africa to Arabian Mecca. Although having a guide is not required, it might be rather challenging to understand what the historic structures are on your own. To help you navigate the new complex and some of the old city, a tour guide is a smart option. The coral is still vividly visible, even if the majority of the formerly majestic buildings are in ruins.

Sanganeb National Park

The first National Park established in Sudan was Sanganeb, which was done in 1990. The lighthouse, which the British constructed between 1958 and 1964, is a treat for tourists. The lighthouse is a frequently photographed sight and is 50 meters tall with 268 steps. It is also the greatest location for tourists to take in all of the Sanganeb’s splendor. The 26,000-hectare National Park contains more than 120 coral reefs.


Kerma promises to be an experience unlike any other in the nation and is yet another magnificent antique treasure left on the meanders of the Nile River by the ancient civilizations. The towering Western Deffufa (mud-brick-building), one of the biggest and oldest worshiping structures on earth, rises in the center of it. There, you may explore the surrounding ruins, which are one of the largest in all of North Africa. These ruins range from tomb structures to ancient Nubian god statues that have been discovered, all of which have a history dating back more than 5,000 years.

Dinder National Park

In the southeast of the nation, a triangle-shaped section of the protected area known as the Dinder National Park connects to the Ethiopian border. It inhabits a peculiar environment just where the enormous mountains of Ethiopia descend to the northern African flats, consisting of beautiful grass plains that glow yellow beneath the heat of the sun. Visitors can expect to observe animals like lions and long-legged ostriches of North Africa, which is a frequent and fascinating sight.


The Island of Meroe is the heartland of the Kingdom of Kush, a major power in the ancient world from the 8th century BCE to the 4th century CE. Meroe became the principal residence of the rulers, and from the 3rd century BCE onwards it was the site of most royal burials. The property consists of three separate site components, Meroe, the capital, which includes the town and cemetery site, and Musawwarat es-Sufra and Naqa, two associated settlements and religious centers. Archaeological discoveries there have confirmed the existence of an advanced civilization of traders with mercantile links all the way to China and India. Today, the entire area has been accredited by UNESCO.

There you have it; you can plan a trip to Sudan and enjoy a mesmerizing journey across the country’s various tourist sites. Also, make sure not to go there at the beginning of summer which lies from May to July as to avoid the burning heat.

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