Celebrating Eid in 2021; 9 Ways to Enjoy Cairo During the Pandemic

By Nour El-Miligi

Eid is just around the corner, and when we always ask ourselves the typical question of how we’ll spend our Eid, travel, of course, is the most common answer. It goes without saying that traveling is the first thing people choose to guarantee an exciting Eid. However, most of us can’t travel and are stuck in Cairo, does that mean that fun is officially canceled for us? The answer is no! 

Rest assured that Eid isn’t only about splashing into the pool or fresh seawater somewhere around Sahel, but there are plenty of other activities that will bring you the joy of Eid just as much as the beach. So, in case you’re looking for alternatives, we’ve got a handful! Here’s a list of wisely curated options for you to spend the perfect Eid, Cairo style. 

Plan a staycation 

When something’s off the table, it’s just wise to think of the second-best alternative, isn’t it? If you are to spend your Eid in Cairo anyways, you might as well spend it somewhere with an atmosphere similar to that of Sahel or Gouna, where there are pools, cold smoothies, and sun! And if you are to add a friendly hotel to the equation, the final result is definitely pure luxury! Cairo hosts a wide range of hotels offering some great deals for those looking to spend a relaxing staycation away from the city’s bustling traffic. So you can go swimming either in a social club or a fancy hotel so you can even those tan lines of yours. After all, a day use in a hotel of your choice, immersed in waters with an ice-cold smoothie in your hands will just do the trick! 

Kayak along the Nile or ride a felucca 

Egypt has the privilege of having the beautiful Nile in the heart of Cairo, yet we as Cairo residents don’t seem to be making use of this nearly enough. If you’re truly looking for something different, then you should go for a cross-country kayak journey along the vibrant River Nile or enjoy a Felucca ride, available all year-round. Getting to sail through the majestic waters while listening to your choice of music and dancing with your friends as the sun sets is bliss!

Pamper yourself in a beauty salon/spa

This one is targeting those yearning for some TLC and to give their tired backs the massage it deserves, also great for relieving tension headaches. Nothing parallels pampering your body and mind with a soothing massage, and later heading to the steam bath and ending the journey with a refreshing dip in the Jacuzzi. 

Go for a car date and a movie night 

This one is for people who appreciate the simpler things in life. Just picture yourself grabbing your favorite snack and watching a nice movie from your small phone screen with a friend or a significant other, making use of the simple tools you’ve got? Effortlessly heart-melting! We tend to look so far while sometimes the most enjoyable and meaningful things are just right in front of us! 

Visit historical sites

There are plenty of historical gems opening their doors again, just waiting for you to pay them a visit. So why not explore them, spend a day being a tourist in your own city, photo-shoot and all! Adding an artistic post with sprinkles of positivity to your Instagram followers’ feeds is never a bad idea at the end. 

Cooking together with the family

If we went back to thinking of the main purpose of Eid, it’s all about quality time with your family and appreciating your (many) blessings. Spending the day with your family baking some fresh goodies or trying out some random internet recipes, only for you to end up burning the food and laughing about it, is in itself, a memorable experience! Let alone those handmade ice creams and fresh smoothies that taste better than any fancy overpriced brands! 

Host a sleepover

Look for those spending their Eid alone and invite them over for a sleepover where you can play card games, host a movie night and maybe order some pizza to add sprinkles of special to the fun and festive mood! 

Visit orphans and donate

They say happiness comes when you give it to others, right? Whatever you decide to do throughout the day, ending it with a visit to people in need and warming their hearts with new clothes and a considerate visit will be the most remarkable moment of your day. Never forget that the sole purpose behind Eid is good deeds and spiritual practice. 

Go cycling

Via Sanya

There’s nothing more refreshing than an 8 a.m. bike ride! If you don’t know how to ride a bike yet, maybe it’s time you give it a try and take an adventurous ride along the quiet streets of downtown Cairo. Everyone else is enjoying themselves in Sahel so you now have the opportunity to enjoy Cairo’s empty roads all by yourself!

These activities are bound to add a twist to an otherwise typical Eid, so never let anyone tell you that you can’t have fun unless you travel because indeed a fun plan lies ahead! And don’t forget we’re currently surviving a pandemic so make sure you enjoy yourself while following necessary preventive measures, to keep youreself and others protected from the virus.

WE SAID THIS: Happy Eid everyone, don’t forget to SAFELY have fun!