It’s Not You It’s Me: 4 Dating Tips for Shy Introverts

If you’re quite introverted and shy, meeting new people can be even tricker. Naturally, you probably like to spend time on your own, but even the most introverted of people can feel lonely and want somebody to share their lives with. If you are quite a shy person but you want to try and meet more people in order to find your perfect life partner, here are some tips that you might find useful. 

Try a Dating Website

Dating sites are great for introverts because they put you in control. You can chat and start communicating with interesting singles in LA without having to leave your house, using instant messaging, and moving up to calling or video chatting when you feel comfortable. Many introverted people find that online dating works well for them because it gives them the chance to build up to something more compared with other options like speed dating or going out and meeting people in person. 

Try a New Hobby

As an introvert, there are probably loads of hobbies that you enjoy doing on your own, but there’s nothing wrong with getting a social hobby or two too. Perhaps going once a week so that you can easily balance out the time that you spend on your own and with other people will be a good idea. If there’s always been something that you have liked the idea of doing but have never gotten around to trying it or learning it, now’s the best time to start! Not only will you be able to enjoy doing something new but it can also be one of the best ways to meet new people in an environment that are comfortable with and enjoy. 

Widen Your Social Circle

A lot of people meet their partners through friends and being introverted or shy doesn’t mean that you don’t have friends! Maybe you have a lot of friends but you just don’t spend a huge amount of time with them and that’s OK; they understand that you are an introvert and like your alone time but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t supportive of you. Ask your friends to introduce you to new people from their lives; it’s always better getting to know somebody who you have other friends in common with. And, you never know – they could introduce you to your perfect partner. 

Know What You Want in Someone

Knowing the kind of person that you are looking for will make it easier for you to find and recognize this. When you meet San Diego singles looking for love, you will be able to see which ones possess the characteristics you desire. Maybe you are looking for somebody who is more extroverted to help balance your introverted lifestyle, or perhaps you also want somebody who enjoys being alone so that you can share this with them. Everyone is different, so spend some time figuring out what’s important for you in your future partner. 

WE SAID THIS: Dating when you’re introverted and shy doesn’t have to be so difficult!